Money Is an Energy Game

Discover and use the secrets this book provides about money and energy. 

Win at the Game of Money!

Welcome to a revolutionary way of creating prosperity, money, and well-being! This book will guide you to a new view of how your energy influences everything in your life, including your money. What’s the bottom line for attracting money? It’s ENERGY! Energy is at the heart of everything that occurs. Money is an Energy Game guides you through an easy path to prosperity using unique tools and new perspectives.

This book teaches you the ins and outs of how to generate higher levels of prosperity in any form. You’ll learn how to attract funds more easily, create a more prosperous business, and enjoy a higher quality of life. This book provides easy tools and techniques to help you master the role of money in your life.

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A BIG bonus provided with this book is a link to a FREE Emotional Freedom & Healing Release to help you dissolve patterns, limitations and blocks to attracting money and prosperity — those you recongnize as well as some you may not realize you’re carrying. Learn more about releasing blockages. 

“This powerful, inspiring book shows you how to unlock your hidden powers to achieve financial success—no matter where you are today or where you are coming from.”

Brian Tracy, author of 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

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Money Is an Energy Game is a three-part book:

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  1. Part One provides Eight Keys to Your Prosperity.
  2. Part Two guides you through the application of Prosperous Language.
  3. Part Three is a six-week program to take stock of various aspects of your personal energy.

A bonus within the book is a guided technique to clear your blockages around money and prosperity. You’ll have access to a recorded program that helps you to release your deeply held beliefs and unsupportive patterns. Learn more about this process

What’s The Game? It’s your starting point to put any of the more than 100 tools and techniques into action! You submit your results to the website, and once approved, you’ll receive a surprise Prosperity Bonus!

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This book is for you if...

  • you’d like to have more money
  • you’d like to release your fears and anxieties about money
  • you’d like easy ways to attract and grow more money
  • you’d like to have the confidence and money to pursue your dreams
  • you’d like money to be fun and enjoyable
  • you’re ready to understand how your energy is directly tied to your prosperity

Learn How to Rewrite Your Money Story

(Our Conversation with Teri Bach)

About the Authors

The authors have taught prosperity training to businesses and individuals for more than fifteen years. Their experience and knowledge is encapsulated in this book. Margaret Donahue’s senior executive position, MBA, and feng shui mastery bring a unique perspective to this topic. Madeline Gerwick’s economic degree, business experience, and mastery of astrological cycles, particularly related to business and economics, provide a broader understanding of energy. Together their backgrounds and experience bring you a revolutionary perspective of energy and money.