Tidbits from the Book – Part 1


We’re always influencing whatever we attract into our lives.

  • Are you feeling stressed? More stress will come.
  • Are you focused on being overloaded or overwhelmed and not being able to get enough done? This will continue to occur.
  • Do you feel that you don’t know what to do, you don’t know what path to take in life, or what your next job should be? Guess what? This is exactly what will continue to show up. 

This is why it’s important to tell a new story. Here are some suggestions:

  • When you’re stressed or overwhelmed: “Things are getting better and more manageable every day, now that I understand how to create more effectively.”
  • Don’t know what to do? “The Universe is sending me the information I need to effectively choose my next path or solution. I’m alert for these messages.”

Learn how to reframe your challenges so you attract what you want!


Use Good Timing to Work in Harmony with the Universe!

  • Use your conscious creation skills to thrive during our economic transformation.
  • Avoid taking important actions during Time-Out periods.
  • Pay attention to moon phases when starting new projects.
  • Know the final result when you start new projects or sign contracts.
  • Use Green $ (high growth / good financial days) for promotions, donations, or fun.
  • Redo, rework, research, rewrite, repair, and catch up during Mercury retrograde.
  • Reconsider finances and relationships during Venus retrograde.
  • Do strategic planning for next two years during Mars retrograde.
  • Use The Good Timing Guide, the Today’s Guide (free at polarisbusinessguides.com), or other astrology calendars.


Several years ago, Madeline started thanking the Universe for having already provided her with new ways to take her message out to hundreds of thousands of people. Then she wanted a way to easily connect to hundreds of thousands of people. She continued to thank the Universe in advance for this for six to eight weeks.

One day she got an email from the Dr. Pat Show network, asking if Madeline would become a regular guest host and do her own weekly radio show for an hour. This show had three hundred thousand listeners, and the Dr. Pat show was the largest alternative radio show in the Northwest.

That sounded fantastic, but this wasn’t a free gig. The cost was $6,500 for thirteen weeks of one-hour shows, plus multiple thirty-second ads each week and banners on Dr. Pat’s website. Now what do you think Madeline’s gut was saying to her? When she checked in, it was very excited. YES, YES, YES! On the other hand, her mind was off thinking about the money and how could she ever manage to do that? After checking in with her gut though, she decided that since the Universe sent her this opportunity that it must believe she had access to the money for it.

She began thanking the Universe for having already provided the money for the program, and within ten days she had the $6,500. If she hadn’t listened to her gut, she would have missed one of the biggest opportunities in her life.

She kept her show going for over five years, and after a sabbatical, she became a regular guest on another radio program. Over time, her initial show became so popular that it was a major benefit to their network. Dr. Pat gave her enough ad time to sell to sponsors so Madeline could afford to remain on the air. 

How did she find sponsors? She workshopped for them and let the Universe bring them to her. Eventually her show became so popular that she was given a large discount. Her gut instincts were correct about the opportunity!


“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Years ago Peg placed a note of gratitude in her God jar, thanking God for providing excellent care, support, and comfort for her parents in their later years.

Before long, a perfect solution surfaced. Peg’s oldest sister ended up moving home and provided exceptional care for over seven years.

This scenario was not even in Peg’s mind when she wrote her original note.


Your choices attract money to you and also push it away. Consider these questions:

  • What quality of energy is the basis of your choices?
  • Are you excited or joyful about what you’re choosing?
  • Do you feel frustrated, anxious, or stressed when you make your choices?
  • Are you in integrity with your values and what you want to create?
  • Do your choices extend from a positive perspective, or are they rooted in fear about what might happen?
  • Are your choices made in trust?

Track these measurements and the results you get. Notice the patterns.


Many years ago Peg was working with a client, and they got into a conversation about relationships. This woman mentioned that she had never had a successful romantic relationship and thought she never would. She proceeded to tell Peg that she kept a treasure chest of artifacts from all her broken relationships, including a ceramic broken heart from a former boyfriend. Peg discussed how these objects were anchoring the patterns and holding them in place. Within minutes the woman got a trash bag and tossed the objects out. Also, a few weeks before Peg and her client met, a fire erupted in this woman’s home. The fire occurred in the Relationship area. (We’ll discuss each of the feng shui areas later in this chapter.) This was fascinating since it reflected what was happening in this woman’s life. Fire turns areas to ash so that new growth can begin.