Release Blockages with EF&H

Emotional Freedom and Healing (EF&H) Technique

The Emotional Freedom & Healing (EF&H) technique is a very effective technique to help you release limiting beliefs, restrictive life patterns, fear, anxiety and other emotional blocks that may be preventing you from fully living the life of your dreams. It was developed by Coach Richard Ross, who trained and certified Peg Donahue to lead the release process.

Reading Money Is an Energy Game can help bring your money stories, patterns and fears to the surface. You might recognize that you’ve been carrying beliefs that stem from sayings such as:

You have to work hard to earn money.

Money doesn’t come easy.

Money is the root of all evil.

and much more.

One of the advantages of reading Money Is an Energy Game is that you get access to a free EF&H program to assist you in recognizing and releasing blockages that relate to your money patterns.

EF&H involves a combination of:

  • tapping acupressure points,
  • repeating affirmations and
  • breathing deeply

to release fears and limiting beliefs. Once your limiting beliefs and emotions surface and you release them, they are gone forever.

If the patterns have been building for years or even lifetimes (which, they most likely have), you may have multiple layers that need to be released. You can do these sessions for any issue and as many times as is comfortable for you.

The book contains a link to a free EF&H Release. Read the book to access the free EF&H link.

You can also purchase additional recorded releases from Polaris Business Guides. You’ll find recordings to release:

Ancestral Patterns
Safety and Security
Paper Piles and Clutter


Peg Donahue is also available for custom releases. Contact her at or on her mobile phone at 603 867-4347. Each release includes a recording of the session that you can repeat at any time.

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A BIG bonus provided with this book is a link to a FREE Emotional Freedom & Healing Release to help you dissolve patterns, limitations and blocks to attracting money and prosperity -- those you recongnize as well as some you may not realize you're carrying. Learn more about releasing blockages. 

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