Connecting the Dots: You and Your Money!

By Madeline C. Gerwick and Margaret M. Donahue

Do you realize how intimately your energy and your money are connected? Energy is at the heart of everything that occurs, including your wealth. Multiple factors influence whether your energy is attracting money or pushing it away. Would you like to learn more? Read on.

Your Beliefs vs. Your Intentions
Unbeknownst to many people, your beliefs are always showing up in your experiences. Do you believe that money is easy to come by, or that you have to work hard to get it? What were the stories around money when you were young? Did your parents have it easy or hard? If you have more money, does that mean that someone else has less? Your intentions related to money are formed by your beliefs. Examine your beliefs to determine your underlying intentions.

Your Wealth Ceiling
What is the average amount of money you have in your bank account and investments? That’s your wealth ceiling. When you get above this amount, you’ll typically find a way to work it down. You might spend it, donate it, have an emergency, or lose it. Imagine having more money! How does it feel? Do you believe it can happen? Become more comfortable with having more money. Can you double it and still feel comfortable? Triple it?

Emotional and Mental Ruts
While you may mentally intend to attract more money, negative emotions hold you back. Your emotions are encoded in your cells and those energies are either attracting or repelling money. Patterns are often passed from generation to generation. The good news is that you can release deeply held, negative beliefs and patterns. There are modalities to do this. As you release your negative patterns, you’ll attract more money and prosperity.

Your Level of Trust
Do you trust yourself, others, and a higher power? Trust is an important aspect of allowing money and abundance to come to you. When you trust, your energy opens you to receiving. You can only attract something you believe and expect. Your experiences show you what you believe. A lack of trust pushes money and opportunities away. Develop higher levels of trust in yourself, others, and the Universe to increase your prosperity.

The Condition of Your Environments

The condition of your environments (home, workspace, land, car, etc.) reflect you and the state of your energy. Are your spaces clean, organized, and well maintained, or are they cluttered and chaotic? You may think it doesn’t matter, but it does! The flow of energy and money is hampered by physical obstructions in your space. For similar reasons, it’s important to keep your electrical and plumbing in great shape. Also, ensure that your doors and windows open fully and that you keep the path to your front door clear and beautiful. You can also enhance the prosperity corners of your property, buildings, and rooms.

The Timing of Your Important Actions
Are you aware that the Universe has a daily plan? When you tap into this, things go more smoothly. The daily plan is shown by the energy cycles of each day (planetary cycles). Certain times are much more auspicious than others. When you utilize good timing, less effort yields greater results.  A Time-Out period occurs every two to three days. These are not times to take important actions, because nothing will come of them. For example, 1,400 bankrupt businesses all started under this cycle and failed. It’s better to take important actions when there’s a good final result.

The Energy Behind Your Decisions
Businesses measure a variety of parameters. Energy typically isn’t one of them. However, the energy behind your decisions influences the process and the outcome. Monitor how you feel when you make important decisions. Notice if you’re feeling upbeat and positive, worried, stressed, or somewhere in-between. It’s important to consciously make decisions that feel good to you, rather than spiral down a slippery slope of negative possibilities and outcomes. If you’re the CEO of an organization, then your employees amplify your energy and patterns.

Paying Your Bills While Also Saving for the Future
Do you pay your bills in joy or gratitude for having received those products and services? This might be a novel concept. However, when you see your payments circulating out to help others prosper, then returning back to you multiplied, your money will expand. Simultaneously, set 10% aside for your “wealth fund” to attract more money to you. This is an investment in your future, not a rainy day fund. Over time this will grow and bring more prosperity to you. If needed, begin with less and work your way up.

Your Word Choices and the Stories You Tell
Your words are powerful. They can lift you up or drag you down. It’s your choice. Many people are not aware of the connections between the words they choose, the stories they tell, and their prosperity and well-being. The Universe hears your stories as a request for similar experiences in the future. It doesn’t hear negative words such as “no, not, or don’t.” When you focus on what you don’t like, the Universe thinks you want more of that. It’s important to finish your stories with positive outcomes that you want for the future. Judgmental, cynical, or critical words cut your own prosperity. Avoid these verbal patterns and focus on what you like.

Self Care: How Sleep, Food and Exercise Impact Your Money
Are you in the habit of taking great care of yourself? The Universe will pay you to do this. Your health is the foundation of your wealth. You attract money and prosperity when you get enough sleep, eat healthy food, and get adequate exercise or movement. When you feel good, your energy attracts positive experiences. You get better results with less effort.  Keep yourself in good health with your daily choices.

Your Spiritual Practices and Prosperity
Do you take time to center yourself and listen to your inner messages? Do you tap into your intuition or your Higher Self? These tools are needed in our fast-paced world. There’s never enough time to research all the details for a decision. Your gut feel guides you to the correct choices, when you listen and allow it. This process strengthens your money and well-being by making better choices in good energy. Quiet time for reflective periods and meditation creates space for more opportunities to come your way.

Shepherd Your Wealth for Greater Abundance
All of your possessions contain your energy. To maintain and grow your wealth, it’s important to preserve your property and belongings in good order. Make repairs as needed. If you’re not in a position to do so, put them on a list for the future. When you no longer need, want, or use an item, spiff it up, and recycle it to someone else. No matter whether you sell or donate it, your energy will return to you, and you can use it to create something else. It’s important to balance what you have with the time and resources required to care for it.

These are just a few of the many energy connections between you and your money. When you explore the world of energy you’ll discover even more. Everything in the Universe is made of energy, including money. Your personal prosperity is based more on your energy than the outer economy. You can prosper in all economic conditions when your energy is clear, coherent, and positive. May you prosper in the abundant Universe!


Madeline C. Gerwick and Margaret M. Donahue are co-authors of the book Money Is an Energy Game. Learn more at